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Recommended Spa and Massage Batam: Thai and Balinese Massage

It is very important to relax after you have been busy going through your daily activities. One of the ways is by doing spa and massage as a form of self care. For those of you who live or currently visiting the Batam area, there is a recommended spa and massage Batam that you definitely need to know.

The place is called Aloka Spa. It is situated in Komplek Ruko Nagoya Hill, Blok P No. 7 & 8, Batam, and is open from Sunday to Monday. You can visit it from 10 AM to 11 PM. [1]

In this article, you will get to know Aloka Spa, which is the best spa and massage place in Batam. You will find out about its products, its price range, and what makes it special. So, here is the explanation about that!

Aloka Spa: The Best Spa and Massage Place in Batam

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When talking about the best spa massage Batam, Aloka Spa is almost always on the list of people’s recommendations. Especially if you are searching for an authentic Thai massage and Balinese massage. It is because keeping the authenticity is definitely Aloka Spa’s main selling point.

Aloka Spa makes sure that all the masseuses trained well in Thai and Balinese massage to maintain its authenticity. Because, we want to make sure that you can experience exactly what you are searching for.

“The authenticity offered by Aloka Spa means that you do not have to fly all the way to Bali or Thailand to experience the real Thai and Balinese massage experience.”

Here are the lists of spa and massage services in Aloka Spa and its prices!

1. Authentic Thai Massage


When talking about the most popular massage technique, Thai massage is always at the top of the list. It is because this massage technique has already been recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage. This is why many people aim for authenticity when searching for Thai massage service.

So, Aloka Spa offers you exactly what you are searching for. The Thai massage in Aloka Spa not only has the purpose of relieving an aching and sore body. But also to easing anxiety, relaxing mind, and reviving energy.

There are at least six types of service that you can choose from our menu, that is:

  • Half Body Massage: IDR 150K/30 mins
  • Traditional Foot Massage: IDR 210K/60 mins; IDR 270K/90 mins; IDR 340/120 mins
  • Traditional Thai Massage: IDR 240K/60 mins; IDR 320K/90 mins; IDR 400/120 mins
  • Thai Aromatherapy Massage: IDR 320K/60 mins; IDR 380K/90 mins; IDR 440/120 mins
  • Thai Herbal Therapy Massage: IDR 550K/120 mins
  • Body Scrub: IDR 330K/60 mins

2. Authentic Balinese Massage


Aside from that, Aloka Spa also offers you an authentic Balinese massage. This kind of technique is therapeutic and can make you feel more relaxed. Not only the body, but also the mind. The price is definitely competitive with the list of spa prices in Batam. Here is the list of services and its price!

  • Balinese Aromatherapy Massage: IDR 320K/60 mins; IDR 380K/90 mins; IDR 440K/120 mins.
  • Hot Stone Massage: IDR 520K/120 mins

3. Spa and Massage Package Plus Add-Ons


In addition to our specialty, which are Thai massage and Balinese massage, you can also find many kinds of spa and massage packages.  Plus, there are many add-ons that you can choose from our menu.

So, that is why, when you are searching for a recommended spa and massage Batam, you can come to Aloka Spa. However, it would be better if you book us beforehand to arrange your session of spa and massage in Aloka Spa.